Fintech Brings Healthcare Providers Tools For Optimum Financial Health - SANTECHTURE News

March 10, 2023

Fintech Brings Healthcare Providers Tools For Optimum Financial Health

In today’s digital world, technology has become the foundation for most industries. Healthcare is heavily reliant on technology, from medical procedures to revenue management. Through automation and artificial intelligence-driven healthcare fintech solutions, SANTECHTURE focuses on enhancing the revenue and claims processes of Middle Eastern healthcare providers.

Similar to how an app may help with operational efficiency and assistance, SANTECHTURE’s product portfolio reduces common pain points like manual administration, inaccurate documentation, poor financial tracking, and expensive in-house billing processes.

No matter the scope or complexity of the requirements, four developed and well-established software packages excel on their own, but they also collaborate to increase efficiency by automating tasks and removing human error. Additionally considered are the validation of AI and ongoing process improvements.

“Given that healthcare claims rejection rates in the UAE and KSA are on average 13%, it is imperative from an operational standpoint for provider administrators to identify and put into place solutions that will help rates fall. Our products simplify medical coding, provide end-to-end practice management, and automate RCM workflow and claim validation. As a company, we are aware of this crucial business function and collaborate with customers to implement our products specifically to meet their needs”, said SANTECHTURE’s founder and CEO, Anas Batikhi.