June 26, 2023

SANTECHTURE launches duo of RCM solutions for Saudi market

At the inaugural HealthTech Summit & Expo,  held in Riyadh from June 5-7, the leading provider of RCM intelligent software solutions, SANTECHTURE, unveiled two game-changing products for the Kingdom’s expanding healthcare provider community.



THYNK, an RCM technology-driven AI based rule engine that supports insurance and medical rules validation processes in order to improve clinical documentation improvement (CDI), reduce errors, and maximize revenues. It is powered by AI and predictive analytics. The system contains more than four million rules, including rules for medical coding, medical necessity, insurance coverage and approval, billing and pricing, insurance policies, and provider rules. THYNK focuses on delivering real-time and proactive denial management functionality. It also offers seamless healthcare information system (HIS) integration, covering all RCM touchpoints across the patient journey.

With the debut of SANTECHTURE’s cutting-edge search engine-based CODEMINE tool, healthcare providers in the Kingdom will also gain access to the first cloud-based medical coding solution in the area. It supports a wide range of classification systems, including ICD-10-AM, CM CPT, ACHI, ACS 10th edition, and the SBS – Saudi Billing System. It is a terms and codes-based smart search solution. The user-friendly tool, created to ensure accurate results, also addresses KSA clinical coding standards and billing.


The launch of these two cutting-edge solutions in the KSA builds on the achievement of ROBIN, the business’ ground-breaking platform for medical billing and claims management. This week’s launch also serves to support SANTECHTURE’s position as a leader in the developing highly specialized RCM technology (RCM-TECH) sector. It is the solution of choice for an expanding list of notable GCC based public and private healthcare sector entities.


Anas Batikhi Quotes

Anas Batikhi, the founder and chief executive officer of SANTECHTURE, commented on the launch, saying: “The Kingdom’s Vision 2030 blueprint prioritizes transformation of the healthcare sector for patients and focuses on supporting the urgent need for sector financial sustainability through the implementation of value-based healthcare for providers of all sizes, as well as the wider economy. The support systems required to power sector performance overall are essential to delivering a world-class infrastructure because they enable healthcare providers to work more efficiently and transparently while ensuring that patients have a pain-free experience. Here, SANTECHTURE offers cutting-edge innovation and leads the RCM technological revolution with ground-breaking solutions meant to keep denial rates to a minimum while enhancing financial performance.”


During a panel discussion on private sector initiatives in health tech on day two, Batikhi also provided important market insights , and leading a discussion on how artificial intelligence (AI) is being used in the healthcare sector.

“If we are to improve RCM functionality and efficiencies, AI-based solutions are both essential and inevitable. Intelligent automation and revenue integrity are two ways that AI produces superior performance. It is a crucial tool for problem solving and for addressing and fixing billing mistakes or collection deficiencies” he said.

Other advantages include the ability of AI to serve as a gatekeeper in situations where there is a shortage of qualified RCM personnel or where improper technology use results in long-lasting operational inefficiencies throughout the entire value chain of the claims process.


“THYNK and CODEMINE are at the forefront of transformative AI-led innovation and provide future-proof solutions for the rapidly growing healthcare provider community in the Kingdom. The widespread adoption of next-generation tech solutions by major industry players will not only streamline processes and increase healthcare access for all, but will also boost Saudi Arabia’s reputation as a global role model for first-rate services and results,” he added.



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